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Genesand Cloning Challenge Cup is coming!
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In order to enhance the connection with customers and provide customers with better products and services, Genesand Biotech specially holds the Cloning Challenge Cup for customers of universities and scientific research institutes.

The theme of the competition

In order to enhance the relationship with customers and provide customers with better products and services, Genesand Biotech Co.,Ltd specially held the 'Cloning Challenge Cup' competition for customers from universities and scientific research institutes.


Competition introduction

1. Competition schedule

Registration & Data Collection Time: August 1, 2022 - September 20, 2022

Data review time: September 20, 2022 - September 23, 2022

Public jury voting time:September 24, 2022 - September 30, 2022

Result announcement time: October 8 - October 11, 2022

Customer redemption and prize distribution time: October 12, 2022 - October 19, 2022

2. Competition rules

From August 1st to September 25th, 2022, you can sign up for the participation by purchasing the seamless cloning kit (Cat. No.: SC612 or SC613) of Jinsha Biotechnology, and feeding back the experimental data to us.

3. Contestants

Researchers all over the country

4. Public jury vote

The experimental data of each participant will be published on the public account, and the public judges will vote. According to the final votes, 1 first prize, 5 second prizes, 15 third prizes, and 25 excellence awards will be selected.



Competition reward

 First Prize(one person):iPad

Second Prizefive people):Wireless headset

Third Prize(fifteen people):Snack spree

 Excellence Award(twenty five people):Plush toy


How to register & submit data?

  Pay attention to the official account of Genesand, and click "Product Related - Cloning Challenge Cup" to register and submit data.


Scan the code to follow the registration


Kind tips

  • For competition inquiries, you can contact local sales, dealers, etc.

  • The data submission form must be filled in as required, and each participant is limited to one set of data.

  • This competition is strictly prohibited from swiping tickets, once found, the qualification will be immediately disqualified.

  • The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Beijing Genesand Biotech Co., Ltd.

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